‘100% British?’ is a body of work comprising of a video and lookbook, incorporating a combination of considered fashion and documentary imagery, with excerpts taken from interviews with British manufacturing experts and craftsmen.

The work draws upon the regeneration and valuing of British clothing manufacturing, with the desire to encourage our young and upcoming generation to get involved, whether that’s to urge design or to find an apprenticeship to learn the skills of manufacturing. The project assures that although British-made clothing is traditionally thought of as a dated sartorial style, it can be styled today to suit the upcoming generation, with a contemporary edge yet maintain high quality to be known as stylish. Ultimately, ‘100% British?’ seeks to educate the viewer that in 2018, you can get quality and contemporary styling from British-made clothing.

The project challenges the viewer to question what ‘100% British’ is in terms of heritage and fashion, as there are many assumptions as to what it constitutes- rightly or wrongly. Some people view that only being designed in Britain is enough to constitute British-made. Some even associate the term with a perceived British company, where as others say it needs to be designed, sourced and made in Britain.